A New Air Purifier Alternative

created on 21-Saturday-Mar-20

There is a new style of air purifier that is being touted as a leading air purifier alternative to the HEPA filter. The Helium10 Alternative Air Purifier is being touted as a "purifier with the convenience of a refrigerator." Well, it is easy to look into the product, but first lets look at what this kind of air purifier does and why it is different.

A purifier with the convenience of a refrigerator is not a breathable purifier. It will not trap dust in the air so it cannot be smoggy. Nor will it remove the vapors that are emitted from chemical plants. Those things can be dangerous for your health.

For this reason, the design of the Helium10 is totally different. This product comes with an ion exchange system that will swap out between the negative and positive ions in the air. This ion exchange system is separate from the air conditioning system. It replaces the air in the purifier.

Then, a HEPA filter is used as the replacement for the air purifier. A HEPA filter is not removable, so when it needs to be replaced, it is not like a vacuum cleaner. No maintenance is needed since all the pieces of the filter can be replaced.

The purpose of a purifier with the convenience of a refrigerator is to reduce the amount of contaminants that enter your home through your windows. However, you need to understand that this purifier cannot eliminate all of the vapors from indoor air. It cannot take the toxins out of the air that we breathe.

You can purchase a system that has an air purifying machine that you can place outside of your home to help eliminate the air that is inside your home. However, the amount of money that you would have to spend on the initial purchase of the unit is significantly more than what you would spend on the Helium10 Alternative Air Purifier.

You should keep in mind that there are alternatives to purchase for healthy living and if you take care of yourself, then you will not need to be concerned about the air in your home. The types of air purifiers available today are far superior to the original design of the Helium10 Air Purifier.

When it comes to price, the amount that you would have to spend on a regular air purifiers is far less than what is needed for the Helium10 Alternative Air Purifier. As a result, this type of purifier can also be considered a very affordable purifier to own.

The purifier is known to be very easy to operate. It is equipped with a menu that is displayed on the screen so you can quickly switch the unit on or off.

There is also a feature that you can set up that will enable you to control the amount of purified air that is released in the home. The system works with a built in timer that tells the purifier when to release the purified air. You can easily set the settings that you want and turn them on or off when you want them.

This system has several advantages. The biggest advantage is that it does not trap or clean the air in the home like a traditional purifier system would.

In the future, it will be very difficult to find a home with an unopened air purifier system. With a product such as the Helium10 Alternative Air Purifier, you can rest assured that you will always have the cleanest air that you can stand.


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